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one time i was trying to dirty talk with my ex boyfriend and i started saying ‘i’ve been a very bad girl’ and he said ‘why what have you done?’ and i didnt know what to say next so i just said ‘i’ve burnt down a house’


I love how girls are so chill like yea touch my boobs wanna snuggle heck yes but two guys will bump into eachother and be like woA NO HOMO MAN.


toilet 5sos humor is rad (x)

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I will defend my favorite band member faster than myself


"Hello. Right. I wanna say something that I thought I’d never actually talk about. Before we wrote ‘Sempiternal’, I was a fucking drug addict. I was addicted to a drug called ketamine. I was on it for years, and I was fucked off my head. And um. My band wanted to kill me. My parents wanted to kill me. My fucking brother wanted to kill me. Everybody didn’t want to take me too well. But they didn’t. They stood by me, supported me through all that shit. And we wrote sempiternal because of it. And no one fucking knows, no one fucking knows this but I went to rehab for a month. And through that time, as well as my fucking band and my family, you guys were sending me… You had no fucking idea that I was in rehab but you were sending me letters, you were sending me texts, you were sending me fucking emails. And when I got out of rehab, I didn’t want to scream anymore. I wanted to sing it from the fucking rooftops. And it’s all thanks to you. So thank you very much." -Oliver Sykes APMA’s Speech


He literally was this emoji 👨

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Long Way Home - 5 Seconds Of Summer

not my pictures cred to owners but my edit cred if u use pls(◡‿◡✿)

23 away from goal pls i will give u nudes 



The Today Show - July 22, 2014 [HQ]

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